Three of the best flasks for hiking, camping and travel

From smart flasks to hip flasks, these will fuel your next outdoor adventures

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Think about your most enjoyable days out, and the chances are high that there was a flask in there somewhere. This selection of flasks for coffee, water and something stronger should keep you going whatever your destination.

1 – LARQ bottle

How about the world’s first self-cleaning bottle? We all know that we shouldn’t be buying single-use plastic water bottles, but that’s only a secondary benefit of the LARQ bottle. It uses UV-C light to kill 99.9999% of harmful, odor-causing bacteria, according to its makers. In truth, the water from your tap is likely 100% safe while you’re at home, but if you’re travelling, the LARQ could be handy. It costs US$99.

2 – Cauldryn Coffee smart flask

Here’s a 16 oz. vacuum flask that keeps drinks hot for 10 hours, but there’s much more to it that makes it ideal for overnight camping trips. Not only is there a battery inside that will allow you to physically boil water – to cook your dinner while camping, for example – but the Cauldryn also includes an LED lantern that doubles as a big-zapper. Other click-on accessories for available for this modular flask, including a Bluetooth speaker, a percolator that brews up to two cups of coffee, and a blender for grinding coffee beans or crushing ice. It can also be used to recharge your phone. It’s on sale now for $130.

3 – Stanley Cleanable Recycled Flask

Hip flasks are a nice trip accompaniment, but most of them are tiny and, frankly, designed for urban travel, not outback. Cue this thick recycled and recyclable plastic flask that holds 7oz/207ml. It’s only got a single wall, so it won’t keep anything hot for very long, so if you’re after a cup of tea or coffee on the go, look elsewhere. On one side of the drinking spout is a lever that, when unclipped and lifted, slices-open the entire top of the flask, making it extremely easy to fill. It’s also dishwasher proof. It sets for £12.99

REVIEWED: Stanley Cleanable Recycled Flask

REVIEWED: Stanley Cleanable Recycled Flask


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