Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Reviewed: Onyx Boox Note Pro 10.3-inch tablet

With this Android-based 10-inch e-ink tablet you can read and annotate any file thanks to its open Android OS

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The Kindle was supposed to change everything, but a decade on, its rare to see an e-book reader in the wild. So does that mean e-ink – the incredibly power-efficient, runs-for-a-month technology – is history? Let’s hope not, because if this new e-ink product is anything to go by, it still has plenty of life in it for travelers.

Onyx Boox Note Pro: concept

Featuring a 10.3-inch E-ink screen, the Boox Note Pro can be used to read books just the same as a Kindle, but this one comes with a stylus. That’s because its display can also be used to draw, and to annotate, and in different weights, Whether you want to make a light flick or stone bold underline, the display allows 4,000 different pressures.

Onyx Boox Note Pro: physical features

This 10.3-inch tablet has a 1.6GHZ quad-core, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and 1872 × 1404 resolution. That makes it pretty high resolution for digital paper, though it’s best suited to A5 size. It’s recharged via USB-C, and gets online via WiFi.

Onyx Boox Note Pro: apps

Here comes the genius part. Whereas a Kindle e-ink display does virtually nothing aside from display Amazon’s ebooks, the Onyx Boox Note Pro runs on Android and allows the installation of almost any Android app. Cue a world of versatility; you can download newspaper apps, reading apps like Pocket and Flipboard, and access any file (including PDFs) you want to read – and annotate – via Dropbox or Google Drive,  Outlook, Onenote … and even the Kindle app!

Price as reviewed: US$549

Update: A later version of this product is available – click here for more information.