Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Reviewed: CableGear universal laptop charger

If you travel with a laptop, it’s time to ditch the universal adapter

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Laptops themselves may be getting slimmer and lighter, but their cables are not. External power packs and bulky cables are the norm, but the final annoyance for travellers is the need to go everywhere with a bulky universal adaptor.

This universal laptop charger from CableGear tries to change that by attaching to any PC or Mac laptop charger and having enough built-in interchangeable pins to cope with sockets 160 countries around the world.

Benefit one is that there’s no longer any need to travel with a universal charger. Benefit two is that you’re no longer going to leave anything in your hotel room because your di facto universal charger is now attached to your laptop.

This intriguing product also charges USB devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

However, aside from it killing-off a universal adaptor, don’t think of it as a space-saving device because this CableGear product is fairly bulky, particularly in terms of the tough cable it’s attached to.