Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Reviewed: NapUp Fly

Looking for a better way to nap? This clever device is designed to stop in-flight ‘bobbing head syndrome’

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Who doesn’t love the idea of sleeping better on a plane? Landing at your destination refreshed and ready to hit the ground running is the dream, right? Now live on Kickstarter [], this latest product from Nap Up is an expansion from its kid’s version, which has been on the market since 2015. Both are designed to aid sleep without that familiar head-drop.

NapUp Fly: installation

As with most products like this, upon the first use, you think it’s way too much faff, then subsequently you realize set-up is simple. For the chair, TravGear initially used the straps just weren’t long enough to keep it stable. On a seat with a headrest installation, it was much simpler, and it held firm. One problem though: if the airline seat has a video screen in the back there’s every chance that it will interfere with it, somewhat annoying for the person sitting in the seat behind. Also, you will need to befriend that person before installing it, which is not everybody’s ideal start to a flight.

NapUp Fly: comfort

It was surprisingly comfortable once installed. The washable fabric was smooth on the face and provided a reassuringly and warm and comfortable head surround. The support worked well across the forehead, and, hey presto! No head drop! However, it didn’t work so well when worn as an eye mask. TravGear found the whole thing slipped down around the neck when used like that. It wasn’t so comfortable, and it didn’t really keep the light out. The speakers are a nice touch: with a volume control, you can play yourself some relaxing sleep music.

NapUp Fly: packing up

It was very easy to un-install: just unclick, fold together, and place back in the well constructed zip-up case. We’re not sure the sturdy case is required as it adds unwanted additional luggage. A soft version of the same design would suffice.

NapUp Fly: the verdict

Is it too much hassle to use regularly? Perhaps, but it is comfortable and it does work, so maybe it’s worth it for long-haul flights … providing you have a willing passenger in the seat behind. However, unless those earphones are going to come in a noise-canceling versions, they’re worthless. No way are they convincing enough for TravGear to chuck its noise-canceling earphones in the trash!

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