Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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REVIEWED: Five phone cases ideal for your next trip

Credit cards and kickstands to batteries and bounce-ability, these are the phone cases you need to protect your smartphone when travelling

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Do you ever travel without your smartphone? There was a brief time when you’d leave your valuables at home when heading off on a trip. Now the smartphone has become a guidebook, navigator, camera and all-round entertainer, that seems ridiculous. However, the sleek glass and metal in your phone is not up to the rigours and demands of travel without the addition of a clever case. Here are some of our favourites:

1 – Griffin Survivor Adventure Wallet

Griffin has made some of the best travel-proof cases around. This one ups the ante by adding slots for credit cards to a magnet-fastened front panel. It can be used as a cover for the glass screen, or fastened to the back. Not surprisingly, the Survivor also makes your phone drop-proof from 2m.

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2 – Mophie Juice Pack Air

Have you ever run out of battery on a long haul flight? If so, consider this add-on battery case, which is available for most models of Apple, Samsung and LG phones.  Some even come with wireless charging technology;  next time you’re at an airport, have a look on the tables of the restaurants and rest areas and you’ll probably spot one.

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3 – LifeProof FRĒ

Whether you plan to take your phone  coastal swimming pool or even into the ocean for a snorkelling trip, going to need to protect it properly. Splash proof cases are available, but this one goes the whole hog and protect your phone up to 2 m under the water for 60 minutes. It also makes your Samsung, Google or Apple phone drop proof from two metres.

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4 – Seidio Surface

Foldout tray tables on aeroplanes and trains are great for putting a cup of coffee on, but they’re too slippy to allow placement of the phone at 45° for easy viewing of video. Cue this simple phone case for the Samsung Galaxy S9 that has an extendable kickstand.

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5 – Mujjo Wallet

A simple and rather sleek leather case for storing credit cards and cash, this wallet case’s two-card pocket can actually store a lot more once it’s stretched slightly. The frame is slightly above the screen, so your phone’s glass will never come into contact with a flat surface. It comes in black, grey, tan and olive.

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