Wednesday, July 24, 2024

IFA GPC 2018: ‘Always on’ 4G radio showcased in Rome

FM, DAB and internet radio all-in-one on a single Android-based device

IFA GPC 2018, Rome: With AM, FM, shortwave and now DAB and internet radio available at various locations around the world, listening to radio while on the move is incredibly patchy and complex. So why not develop a 4G radio that combines FM radio, DAB and internet radio?

“It follows you wherever you go,” explains Gian Carlo Scataglini, Product Specialist at Radionovelli of the vintage-looking device. “If there’s no FM, it will switch to DAB seamlessly, and if there’s no DAB, it will default to 4G and stream internet radio.” That includes streaming from Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube and Skype.

“Using a 4G connection and an algorithm patented by Paolo Novelli, the user can enjoy audio and video everywhere and at anytime using a 4G connection,” said Scataglini.

The 4G radio also allows users to find an artist using voice, and is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. It was completely conceived, developed and produced in Italy by the Rome-based Axis International and Radionovelli.

“You just use a SIM card, wherever you are in the world,” said Scataglini. “You can stream up to 150 MB per second.”

The features list is endless: FM, DAB and internet radio sits alongside a built-in webcam and CD/DVD player. It runs on an Android OS, ad also includes WiFi and Bluetooth, with a 6.3-inch touch display and 30W power per channel.

“4G means you can compile playlists even when you’re on the beach,” said Scataglini.

It will be available from May 2018, and sell for €1,000.

IFA 2018 will take place in Berlin from 31 August to 5 September, 2018