Thursday, April 18, 2024
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REVIEWED: Osprey Clear Travel Pocket Washbag Carry-On

In contrast to the Chinese-made cheapies found online and in airports, this transparent washbag is tough enough to withstand the rigours of multiple journies

From nowhere, the transparent wash bag has become a must have accessory. If you are a frequent flyer, dodging the ban on liquids is tricky. Of course, you must remember to take liquids in 100ml bottles –  the maximum allowable size – but add a few tubes of hand cream, toothpaste or other medicine and you can be stuck with quite a lot of gear.  putting it all in a transparent case that you can easily remove from your luggage at the security is a very sensible idea, but there are some problems with quality.

We’re not saying that everything made in China is poor quality, but when it comes to plastics,  everything has become such a commodity market that quality has suffered.  it’s almost impossible to buy a small, transparent wash bag that will last you more than one journey without it splitting around the seems.

Which is what makes the Osprey Clear Travel Pocket Washbag Carry-On a joy to travel with because it just …. works without breaking. That’s hardly an impressive feat, you might think, and yet this 1 litre, 4g  stands out for its use of ripstop fabric and good, tough seams, along with a zip fitted with a clasp, just like most Osprey backpacks

Price as reviewed: UK£7

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