Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Three gadgets for landscape photographers

If you often find yourself in wide-open spaces and you want to start shooting landscapes, this practical gear will help

01 – Lowepro Pro Roller X200 AW

OK, so we all want to travel light, but if you’re carrying a couple of DSLRs and up to eight lenses, this roller is for you. It has has adjustable dividers, protective padding, and accessory pouches galore. This is my kind of TravGear

04 – Lowepro Pro Roller X200 AW02 – Canon Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3

If you’re going to experiment with long exposures – and you should – then an intervalometer like this one from Canon is vital for landscape photographer’. It will help you keep the camera super-steady for night photography, but also automate time-lapse sequences. This is my kind of TravGear

05 – Canon Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3

03 – Manfrotto 290 Xtra MK290XTA3-3W tripod

Flexible, sturdy and with a high quality head, this hugely impressive tripod falls down only on its bulky size, which could make it tricky to travel with. It gets to a height of 171.5 cm, enough for most photographers to be eye-level with their camera’s viewfinder. I want to read TravGear’s full review.