Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Five waterproof MP3 players for hotel swimming pools

You just arrived after a red-eye flight. You need to move your body, but also your mind. These waterproof music systems will help

01 – Sony Walkman NW-WS413

It’s obviously tricky to take your smartphone into a hotel swimming pool. Stand-alone MP3 players may be out of fashion, but Sony’s Walkman  comes back into play here.  Available with either 4GB and 8GB storage, the lightweight NW-WS413 is completely waterproof and easy to control without having to take them off. The battery lasts for roughly 7 hours.

06 – Sony NW-WS410.jpg

02 – Speedo Aquabeat

With a battery life of nine hours, this 36g device uses separate, wired waterproof earphones, which isn’t as convenient as other more streamlined designs. It also only has 2GB of on-board storage, and doesn’t link to a smartphone. However, it’s such good value that it’s worth hunting down if swimming is your main activity (it’s just been discontinued, so be quick). The lime green storage area clips to the back of your head.

03 – Speedo Aquabeat.jpg

03 – Bragi The Dash Pro

Water resistant to three metres, these are perhaps the most on-trend waterproof earphones around. Classed as ‘true wireless’  because there are no cables involved whatsoever, these earphones have a battery life of five hours and can independently store 4GB of music. They also connect wirelessly to a smartphone.

02 – Bragi The Dash Pro.jpg

04 – Finis Duo

Are you ready for bone conduction? Listen to music underwater and it can lack definition and clarity, so these earphones instead transmit audio waves into your cheek and jaw bones, instead of your ears. Completely waterproof and able to store about 4GB of music, the battery life is about seven hours.

04 – Finis Duo.jpg

05 – Sony Walkman NW-WS623

An upgrade on the Sony Walkman NW-WS413,  these fully waterproof earphones have a 12 hour battery. Available in two versions, 4GB and 12GB, the NW-WS623 out-do their little sister by also linking wirelessly to a smart phone for playing music once you are out of the pool.
01 – Sony NW-WS623.jpg