Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Five awesome laptops for business travellers

Super-light and with batteries that last for the entirety of a long-haul flight, these laptops have what it takes to keep you productive

1 – Huawei MateBook X

This 13 inch laptop is designed to be smaller than a single piece of A4 paper, which will immediately appeal to business travellers. It runs Windows 10, with a battery life of seven hours, which is just about enough to be a contender. It weighs just over 1 kg.


2 – Apple MacBook 12

Clocking in at 920 g, this 12 inch laptop is one of the best choices around for business travellers. Clocking in at 920 g, this 12 inch laptop is one of the best choices around for business travellers. It macOS operating system will put-off some Windows users, but its 10 hour battery sure won’t.


3 – Microsoft Surface Book

Are you a Windows user ready to embrace a hybrid device? After a few attempts at a hybrid computer that can be both a laptop and a tablet, Microsoft has come up with the Surface Book. Its detachable 13.5 inch display can be used like an iPad, but also as a laptop. However, despite this theoretical versatility, the battery only lasts about eight hours, which is disappointing. So too is a 1.5 kg weight when combined with the all-important keyboard.

4 – Dell XPS 13

Here’s a much better competitor to Apple’s range of Ultrabooks. This is a hybrid device, much like the Surface Book, but it’s borderless display is more like the MacBook. What’s more, this 13.3 inch laptop maximises screen space, while only weighing 1.2 kg. However, the highlight is a 10 hour battery life.  Has Dell come up with the best of both worlds for Windows users?

5 – Lenovo Yoga Book

theOne of the only productivity-centric devices around that is based on the android operating system normally found beneath smart phones, the versatile Yoga Book  is perfect for travel …  but not much else. Weighing a tiny 680 g – and that’s with a keyboard cover – the Yoga Book  has a 10 inch display and a 10 hour battery life.  However, despite running Windows 10 within Android, it’s ‘virtual’ keyboard uses a flat surface, and is difficult to type on. Great for creatives, but not so good if you’re writing or attending to spreadsheets.

04 – Lenovo Yoga Book.png