Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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REVIEWED: MP Magic Socks

Are you taking seven pairs of socks on a week’s holiday? You could just take one pair of odorless socks …  all you need is a little magic

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How many millions of tonnes of CO2 have been injected into the atmosphere just to take socks around the world? It’s probably an unthinkably huge number, but more important to the average traveller is having to carry a large bag around with them is mostly full of smelly underwear. Now, we have talked a lot about travel underwear that dries quickly, but this is the first time we have seen a pair of socks that claims to be odour-free for days on end. Can it really be true?

Odorless socks

We give you the MP Magic Socks – the world’s best odorless sock. After a hard day’s travel, most socks don’t smell too good.  in fact, in a recent two week campervan trip across the US, my own socks were almost a health hazard. Seriously, I spent most about week washing my socks and my feet. So these socks, which come in either ankle length or trainer height, have a pretty big prize to claim.

Metal infusion

That’s the summary of how these socks work. They’re infused with silver, copper and zinc, integrated with a mineral substance, to create an antibacterial fabric. It also helps them be durable, while creating a breathable design. The socks are also a smart, black design, so would work for business trips and smart shoes.

Clean living

We tried these socks in two different scenarios. For the first, we wore the socks for four days during a camping trip, which included a bit of light hiking. After the first day, the socks smelled slightly musty, as if they had been worn for half a day, which made us worry that these claims were probably overhyped. However, after the second, third and fourth days the socks smells virtually identical – and there was no cheesy feet whiff. We could have warn these for another couple of days. The second test was on a five-day business trip, through tropical climates and many hours of travelling – so many that the socks were on our feet almost al feet non-stop – and still no whiff.

Put a sock in it

Now, we did actually take some back-up socks on both of those trips just in case the Magic Socks didn’t, you know, work their magic, but we didn’t use them. This metal infusion technique, originally developed for the aerospace industry, appears to work a treat. Go and buy a pair – it will change the way you travel.

Price as reviewed: from US$19-42

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