Friday, June 14, 2024

REVIEWED: WinnerGear HERO True Wireless earphones

A travel-friendly concept and design is marred by a super-short battery life

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Here’s a classic case of a new genre of products hitting the market too soon. That these ‘true wireless’ earphones have to use that rather cumbersome tagline to make sense in a world where everything has already been claimed wireless is a shame, but the real problem is battery life – or lack of.

Three hour battery

Just three hours. That’s how long the WinnerGear HERO True Wireless earphones go for, and that’s just not enough for them to be considered fit for travel – and particularly at this very high price. It’s a shame because elsewhere they impress, with a waterproof coating and a snug fit (thanks to a choice of ear-tips and ear-hooks) making them enjoyable to wear when exercising.

Wireless charging

Their cutting-edge Bluetooth wireless in-ear design isn’t all that the WinnerGear HERO has got going for them in the ultra-modern stakes; there’s wireless charging here, too, thanks to the small travel case, which stores a charge for 12 hours. That’s something of a relief for anyone wanting to take the HEROs on a trip, but it’s still something of a fudge.

Awesome sound quality

Sensibly, WinnerGear has put the AptX codec inside its HERO earbuds, which allows a lot more data to cross over via Bluetooth from a phone. You can really tell the difference, though there is a lack of bass. But they’re perfect for podcasts. Just as effective – and particularly useful in the gym or on a crowded train, in our test – was the built-in, always-on noise cancellation. Now don’t expect anything super-serious, like these headphones made specifically for long-haul plane travel, but there is a definite general sense of privacy.

‘True wireless’ too soon?

They may be ideal for commuters who are happy to use gadgets for a short duration and constantly recharge them at their home and office – and tangle-free design and core audio quality of the WinnerGear HERO earphones are not in doubt – but at just three hours battery life, for travellers the so-called ‘true wireless’ revolution is nothing of the sort. So for now TravGear will continue with our third-of-the-price Xqisit iE200 Bluetooth earphones.

Price as reviewed: US$149.99

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