Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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REVIEWED: Stikbox Selfie Stick phone case

This phone case for iPhone 7 has an extendable arm for occasional long-arm selfies, but it does need recharging

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TravGear doesn’t take selfies. The idea of taking a picture of yourself in front of some tourist attraction or other just doesn’t appeal, largely because our big head tends to block anything of interest in the first place. Cue the long arm of the Stikbox Selfie Stick phone case.

Wide appeal

Despite not being selfie fans, the Stikbox Selfie Stick phone case does have some kind of appeal. And sure enough, with it fixed to our iPhone 7, we did attempt a few selfies that otherwise we would not have.

Fold-out selfie stick

The Stikbox Selfie Stick phone case is a rather basic case with a fold-out section that is made-up of a five-part telescopic stick. Extended, it reaches 53cm. Fold it back up and it re-creates that backpanel, and sits inside the back of the phone case. No-one would ever know. Here’s a video.

Secret selfies

Perhaps that’s what we like most about the Stikbox Selfie Stick phone case – it’s all about secret selfies.  Holding a massive selfie stick by your side when walking around is a tell-tale sign of your vacuous self-obsession, and the Stikbox Selfie Stick phone case does remove that.

One-handed selfies

TravGear likes that, but the best bit is that the Stikbox Selfie Stick phone case can be charged-up (via micro USB) to work as a wireless Bluetooth controller, offering a shutter button within reach. It’s therefore all a one-hand affair. The secret selfie is here; good job, Stikbox.

Price as reviewed: £29.99

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