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REVIEWED: Teva Arrowood Lux WP walking shoes

Super-light and comfortable, these low-rise approach shoes are hard to beat for active trips

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Ah, the sneaker-boot. Is there anymore enticing footwear than a pair of shoes that claims to be both comfortable, casual, and able to get you up and down a mountain? OK, so these low-rise shoes are more skewed towards the former, but i two weeks of easy hikes and short walks, they never let us down.


The two-week trip in question was to the south-west USA deserts of Utah and Colorado, with the Teva Arrowood’s first put through their paces on ridge walks in Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse State Park.


Now, we have to declare something here. TravGear loves Teva, and has gone through three pairs of its now very sadly discontinued Teva Churn multi-sport shoes from 2011 (THE finest travel shoes ever made … PLEASE make them again, Teva!). But as a brand it’s never quite lived up to the Churns.


First impressions of the Arrowood’s are good; ultralight, very soft full-grain waterproof leather, flexible. And really comfortable. The laces do up nicely, and tightly, and the sole gave plenty of grip on angled flat rock surfaces as well as grit and gravel. In fact, for a pair that was fresh on, we felt like we had been wearing them for years after just a couple of hours light desert hiking in the early morning.


Our only criticism of the Teva Arrowood’s is breathability. In short, they made our feet smell. It’s not normally something that we at TravGear usually suffer from, but during our two week test, the Teva Arrowood’s left our feet feeling wet and often very smelly. So although we enjoyed wearing on the trail, where they were super-comfortable, we’re not convinced that they are the all-rounder shoes for every occasion.

Price as reviewed: £100

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