Thursday, July 25, 2024

Four folding electric scooters ideal for the urban commute

Electric mobility is here at last with these scooters designed with the urban commuter in mind

01 – Airwheel Z5

With an operating rod that must be adjusted to the rider’s height, this folding electrical scooter is therefore good for anyone of any age. It weighs 13kg folded, has headlights for safety, and rides at 12 mph for about 16 miles on one full charge of its battery.

02 – URB-E Sport

06 – URB-E Sport.jpg
This similarly foldable electric scooter also goes for 16 miles and is a little faster at 14mph. Its battery can charge a phone, a laptop and two other devices while you ride, and it folds-up for easy storage.

03 – GoTube

02 – GoTube.jpg
Weighing a mere 5kg, the GoTube only goes for 8 miles on a single charge, but does have a built-in USB slot to charge a phone while you ride, so it’s ripe for the commute. It ships with a padded carrying case with shoulder strap.

04 – Emicro one

Swiss company Micro-Mobility here presents something of a hybrid; an electric motor – powered by a lithium polymer battery will get you around, but if you push or use a kick movement the speed of the scooter’s electric power will increase. It weighs 7.5kg when folded-up.