Monday, July 15, 2024
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Five awesome travel gadgets from CES Asia

From ice-fishing drones to robotic suitcases, Shanghai’s biggest and best tech show was awash with awesome travel gear

TravGear is just back from the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC), where the 450 exhibitors at CES Asia showed-off the latest and greatest in gadgetry. Here are the travel highlights:

1 – PowerRay underwater drone

A robotic drone for ice-fishing, PowerVision’s demo in a tank – with a scantily-clad swimmer – was attracting a lot of attention. The PowerRay can swim to 30m below the surface, uses sonar to find fish, the streams pics and video to an app.

2 – Robotic Suitcase R1

Why not get your suitcase to follow you around the airport? Configured using a smartphone app, the R1 comes embedded with a SIM card and a mighty 24,900 mAh battery.

3 – Magic Capsule bag

This holdall squashes into a capsule that can be carabiner’ed to anything. Perfect as either a carry-on in the cabin, or for when you need to suddenly check-in a purchase.

4 – Sound Dimension aiFi Ai-1 speakers

These Bluetooth speakers from Sweden can be daisy-chained and stacked on top of each other to create a much larger system; take one on your travels, then when you come home put it with others to create a soundbar, or a hi-fi.

5 – Coolux X6 mini 3D projector

Weighing just over half a kilo, this portable mini DLP projector does 1200×800 pixel images at about 100-inches from 2.7m; handy for road-warriors delivering occasional presentations.