Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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REVIEWED: Royal Robbins Merinolux Tee

Comfy to wear and impressively quick-drying, this merino-mix t-shirt proves ideal for wash-and-go life on the road

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Tough travel demands a good t-shirt, and while we love Icebreaker’s 100% merino t-shirts, they don’t last all that long. They’re also a bit on the slim-fit side, but both issues are addressed by the Merinolux from Royal Robbins.

Royal Robbins Merinolux Tee: Lightweight & luxe

Weighing in at a mere 199g, the Meinolux in pewter (grey) (but also sold in orange, blue, and navy) isn’t all merino. Instead, it’s 68% polyester and only 32% merino. However, that works in its favor when it comes to durability. We also liked the fact that the Merinolux is a bigger fit than most merino t-shirts; it’s not baggy, but nor does it figure-hug.

Royal Robbins Merinolux Tee: Quick-drying

We found the Merinolux to have plenty of merino-like qualities; work for four days in a row while in Malaga in Spain, the t-shirt didn’t smell too bad, and after a quick hand-wash and rinse it was ready to hang out in the Sun. Within two hours it was bone dry, but we can’t imagine it taking more than overnight to dry in a hotel room.

Royal Robbins Merinolux Tee: Design flourishes

We also appreciated the elastic tag on the top to hang it up, something that most so-called travel t-shirts lack. That small design flourish helps protect the neckline. Our only concern is that the label insists that the Merinolux must be washed only in cold water; a travel-grade t-shirt should really be ready for anything, and not insist on special care. So we put it on a warm wash, and it came out fine – enabling us to give the Merinolux the thumbs-up. The ideal t-shirt for wash-and-go travel? It’s definitely a front-runner.

Price as reviewed: £50