Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Five drones for aerial selfies

From 360 photos to ‘follow me’ in 4K, these pocket-sized drones will give you a new perspective on your travel photography

1 – Air Selfie

OK, so it only lifts-up to 20 metres and deals only in 5MP photos, and not video of any kind, but at a mere 61g this phone-sized device is perhaps the ultimate travel drone. It can fly for an hour on one charge. You can pre-order it from www.airselfiecamera.com

2 – Yuneek Breeze

A 12 minute flight is all you will get from this 385g drone, though its Follow Me, Selfie and Orbit modes are useful for beginners and those new to piloting drones. You can take selfies and 13MP photos through an app, as well as Ultra HD 4K resolution video.

05 – Yuneek Breeze 4K Quadcopter copy

3 – Zerotech Dobby

A self-defined ‘pocket selfie’ drone, this exceptionally travel-friendly quadcopter weighs just 199g. Somehow it manages to fly for 25 minutes on one charge, and takes 13 MP photos, and films Ultra HD 4K video.
01 – ZEROTECH Dobby copy

4 – Wingsland S6

This 230g drone is all about 360° photos; it can take 12 photos in a row and stitch them together into a virtual reality-friendly wraparound image. Also films Ultra HD video and takes 13 MP photos, but flight time is a mere 10 minutes.
03 – Wingsland S6 copy

5 – DJI Mavic Pro

If quality is everything, this larger 750g device is for you. Its core specs aren’t that special – 12 MP images, Ultra HD 4K video and a flight time of 27 minutes – but it has some unique features. Key to photographers will be its ability to shoot in RAW format, while those looking for more control will love its automatic obstacle avoidance tech, its four mile reach, and 40 mph top speed. 04 – DJI Mavic Pro copy