Thursday, July 25, 2024
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REVIEWED: Peli Adventurer tough case

This drop-proof case for iPhone 7 is light, super-slim and transparent, but does it offer enough protection?

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If you’re going to travel with an expensive smartphone, then you’ve got to protect it. How much you protect it, however, is down to how much you spend on a tough case.

Tough … ish

The Peli Adventurer is a tough case, but not that tough. Aimed at those who want to protect against the odd drop or scrape, but not at the cost of looks or slimness, there’ not much to it; a transparent plastic bumper with a dark grey stripe of impact-dispersing HPX silicon s what you get.


It’s effective at what it does, but claiming ‘adventurer’ status is overdoing it a little when neither waterproofing nor screen protection is offered. A ‘real’ adventure is going to require a little more than the Peli Adventurer.

Price as reviewed: UK£29.99

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