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IFA GPC 2017 PREVIEW: Porsche Design Book One

IFA GPC 2017, Lisbon: 360-degree convertible, detachable ‘celebrity laptop’ launched

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“It’s the world’s first 2-in-1 360-degree and convertible detachable laptop,” said Dr Jan Becker, CEO of Porsche Design Group. “You can flip the screen through 360 and use it as a pad.”
Available in 17 countries from next week for €2,795, the Book One has been jointly developed by Porsche Design, Microsoft and Intel.
Consisting of two ‘plates’ each 7.7mm slim, Book One features an autolatch, a seven-point trackpad, full-size keyboard with dimmable backlight, a 10-finger multi-touch touchscreen, and an Intel Core i7 processor.
Its battery lasts ‘up to’ 14 hours, and it recharges in two hours. It includes an Intel Thunderbolt 3, runs on Windows Pro 10, and has Microsofts Cortana digital assistant built-in. Also in the box is a Book One stylus pen, USB Type C-to-HDMI adaptor, and a charger. Optional accessories include a docking station and a sleeve.
Book One is designed and engineered in Germany. “We looked at the market and saw that there wasn’t a laptop that looked as good closed as when it was open,” sayid Becker. “We’re not trying to show something that looks thinner than it is, because we don’t have to.”
This isn’t the first time Porsche has branched-out from super-cars to embrace travel gadgets. Previous products have included the TecFlex pen and the P’9981 BlackBerry phone.
IFA 2017 will take place in Berlin from 1-6 September, 2017