Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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REVIEWED: Moshi ionbank 5K portable battery

With a built-in Apple Lightning cable, this powerbank is seriously impressive, but where’s the kickstand?

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It’s light, just 162g. It’s got enough charge inside to refuel a big phone almost twice over. And inside a flap is a pop-out Apple Lightning connector and a USB cable for recharge the battery making travel completely cable-free. A slice of travel gear heaven? Well, almost …

Magnetic flap

The reason we’re a little disappointed in the Moshi ionbank 5K is that it has a magnetic flap that hides those cables, but couldn’t it have been used to also act as a prop for a phone? With that kind of feature on board it would have been an unbeatable accessory for taking on a plane – especially with the gadget ban on laptops and tablets.

Impressive design

Are we being overly-critical? Probably; the combining of an Apple Lightning and a USB cable inside the battery package itself is a first, and a highly impressive design. The ability to travel with a battery and no cables is an absolute boon (it’s also got a second USB outlet for recharging two phones at once if you do have a cable), but a portable battery of this high price should leave no stone unturned.

Price as reviewed: US$59.95/UK£65

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