Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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These flexible and flat-pack portable reading glasses can be put in a pocket – or even stuck to the back of a smartphone

How many times have you gone on a trip and forgotten to take you reading glasses? Designed for travellers who use reading glasses but never seem to have them on hand when they need them, ThinOPTICS glasses are here to the rescue.


Available in four strengths, ThinOPTICS glasses are small and, rather surprisingly, bendable. Seriously, try as we might, we couldn’t break them,  which instantly puts them in the folder marked ‘travel proof’. NO wonder ThinOPTICS shipped over a million glasses in 2016.

Nose it all

Will they fit on your nose? Probably – they use flex-grip tech to fit on all shapes and sizes of noses, and found a stable home on all the noses in TravGear Towers. OK, so they don’t look great – these about function, not form – but they are darned effective.

Sticky travel

Oddly – and very usefully – the ThinOPTICS spectacles can be physically attached to a smartphone thanks to a low-profile case with an sticky strip on the rear. But you could just as easily put them in a pocket or handbag.

Price as reviewed: US$19.95

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