Monday, June 24, 2024
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ADVICE: How to protect your identity while traveling

Whether you’re going for business or pleasure you need to take some important steps before leaving for a trip

OGGSK_P057 Beach Lounger SmartphoneTravelers are used to scams, but one is becoming especially pernicious; identity theft. Advancements in technology and mobile are making steps toward secure travel easier. Here are four ways tech can give travelers peace of mind and keep identities protected while traveling, according to Credntia.

Purchase a VPN

Whether at a hotel or coffee shop, a safe internet connection is crucial. Using a VPN helps add an additional layer of protection by creating a secure connection over any public network.

Monitor finances

Travelers should check bank accounts and credits cards throughout their trip, but never using a public network.  Accounts can be safely accessed via a mobile app that’s connected to a cell network.

Carry credentials digitally

Travelers can avoid the risk of losing a passport or driver’s license in a foreign country by storing valid credentials on a digital identity management app on their smartphones.

Change passwords

For additional peace of mind while traveling, travelers should change passwords and PIN numbers before and after their trip to prevent accounts from being hacked.