Sunday, June 23, 2024
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REVIEWED: Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 7

This super-slim case’s three-card trick really helps cut-down on clutter while travelling

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The idea of a phone case that doubles as a wallet has never really caught on. That’s a shame, because it’s ideal for travelling, has largely been down to a lack of visionary design. Most phone cases that double as a wallet are huge, heavy and very ugly, and even our old favourite the Vaultskin Lexx can’t compete with this new one from Mujjo.

Leather outer

Everyone loves the feel and smell of leather on a phone (OK, not vegans), and this case from Mujjo is on-tend in that regard. In fact, the entire case is leather-covered, from the moulded, round corners that keep the phone in place, to the pocket on the back. It’s that pocket that is this case’s killer app.

Three card trick

We managed to fit three credit cards in two but pockets, which is slanted and stitched very well to back.  of course, that stitching will become critical as we try to fit a fourth card into it in the coming weeks, as the leather stretches ( it’s bound to happen!), but for now, all we can say is that the Mujjo is very well made.

Slanted and secure

The slanted pocket keeps those cards pretty snug and secure, but also easy to access. However, most pleasing is that an iPhone 7 with the case on it is only slightly heavier, and thicker than it is when naked.  so it’s very easy to take the phone in case out of your pocket, unlike almost every other bulky wallet-phone case we’ve tried.

Lightweight design

Weighing a mere 143g, this case from Mujjo is the best yet for travellers looking for something that can take everything they need for a trip – a bank card, a credit card and a back-up. Cash? Who uses cash anymore?

Price as reviewed: €39.90

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