Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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REVIEWED: Lulemon Surge 7 shorts

Versatile ultra-light shorts that double as swimmers, and with a handy security pocket for instant travel appeal

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If you’re trying to travel light, the last thing you want is clothes. Underwear: three pairs. Wash and wear. Simple. The rest? Two changes of clothes, maximum, but one of them need to be shorts. Zip-off cargo trousers are the obvious choice if you’re backpacking in humid areas, but the other change need to be shorts than double as swimming shorts. Cue the Lulemon Surge 7.

A long stretch

Black shorts with a bit of stretch in the fabric, this simple garment is long enough to wear around a town or a beach. They have a drawstring, a security pocket inside, and a full-on zip-pocket on the rear – in the waistband, no less – that’s just big enough to store a hotel room keycard, some keys, coins, (waterproof) currency, and even a pair of goggles.

Loop the loop

Another ace feature on the Lulemon Surge 7 shorts is a waistband loop. If you’re walking or running on a beach and want to take off your shirt, there’s a loop that’s ideal for stashing a shirt through. Clever stuff – and enough to convince us that the Lulemon Surge 7 shorts deserve a place on our next backpacking trip. You should also check-out our review of the excellent Lulemon Para backpack.

Price as reviewed: US$68

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