Wednesday, May 22, 2024

REVIEWED: MOS Stash case for iPhone

This attractive RFID-blocker case for the iPhone 6/6S with room for several bank cards makes sense for business trips

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You can now swipe your bank cards to make small payments – and even to use the London Underground – in every big city in the world except for the USA. But did you know that counterfeit mobile card readers can do the same when you’re not even looking?

The RFID threat

Perhaps it’s someone that brushed past you in a bar, or an airport, or a hotel. Travellers are more at risk than anyone else of this unpublicised crime. So what to do to protect against this RFID (radio frequency identification) fraud? Get a RFID-blocker phone case, of course!

Great for travel

OK, it’s a problem you didn’t know existed, so you’re probably not leaping up and down in excitement that TravGear has found you a solution. But you should be, for MOS Stash is actually just a great case for travelling with.

Space for cards

Inside this leather case isn’t just slots for three bank or credit cards, but also rom for a photo ID, such as a driving licence. Or perhaps an Oyster card or some other -at-risk RFID card. MOS Stash is fitted with an impenetrable magnetic layer to protect against counterfeit RFID machines reading anything stored inside.

Magnetic appeal

Another magnetic dimension to MOS Stash comes from the other side, which grips the iPhone without any need for a cover, or awkward grips on the corners. The whole thing closes easily, fixes with a elastic clasp, and flows in and out of pockets without friction. MOS Stash is a truly excellent case for the iPhone 6 or 6S, and well worth considering for your next trip.

Price as reviewed: US$19.95

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