Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Five travel pillows for long-haul flights

After years as bulky luxuries, some surprising designs of travel pillows mean you can now travel light & sleep tight

If you’re flying for more than six hours, and particularly if you arrive early morning,
A few hours sleep is a must, but who wants to cary a lump of foam around the world? Travel pillows are becoming available in great new designs so can travel light AND sleep tight.

1 – Trtl travel pillow

It looks like a micro-fleece scarf, but a plastic rib on the inside that can be positioned either side proves superbly supportive. 04 Trtl Pillow.jpg

2 – Sea To Summit Aeros Premium Pillow Traveller

Inflatable and ultra-lightweight, this packs into a small stuff sack for easy travel.
01 Sea To Summit Aeros Premium Pillow Traveller.jpg

3 – ExOfficio Storm Logic Vest

This jacket converts into a soft travel pillow, with ingenious pockets inside for sunglasses, a boarding pass and a phone.
03 ExOfficio Storm Logic Vest.jpg

4 – Lifetrons Ultra Comfort Travel Pillow

U-shaped with a suede fabric, there are micro-beads inside for maximum move and a loop for attaching to a belt or luggage, which is handy when you’re in the queue for the plane.
06 Lifetrons Ultra Comfort Travel Pillow.jpg

5 – ‪Cocoon Air Core Ultralight

This inflatable ‪pillow has a layer of synthetic down on top, but can still be shoved into a small stuff sack.
07 Cocoon Air Core Ultralight.jpg