Sunday, June 23, 2024

Five 360° cameras for 'immersive travel'

For more involving travel photos and video, only a wraparound will do

Facebook and YouTube now accept and display 360° videos and photos/ The next revolution in travel photography, or a fad? Either way, wraparound panoramics are the next big thing.

1 – Samsung Gear 360

This dual lens ‘camera ball’ on a tripod creates 360° photos and video and transfers easily to a phone. Can also be used with the Samsung Gear VR headset.
03 Samsung Gear 360

2 – Ricoh Theta S

The first such camera, the pocket-sized Theta S uses dual fisheye lenses and can store up to 30 minutes of HD 360 video. It’s easy to set-and-forget if you put it on a tripod, using an app to control it from afar.
Ricoh Theta S

3 – Giroptic

With three lenses and three microphones, this tiny 360 camera produces photos.
07 Giroptic

4 – LG 360 Cam

Over an hour of 360 video can be recorded by this easy to use and affordable effort from LG.
02 LG 360 Cam

5 – 360fly

The pro choice? Recording videos in 4K resolution using a single fisheye lens, this high-end choice can also stream live 360° video online.
06 360Fly