REVIEWED: Icebreaker Cool-Lite Sphere Tank

Super-light and quick-drying, this mainly merino vest for women is the perfect travel all-rounder for hot and humid countries

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Is there anything better than merino for travel? Despite years of delivering awesome (and expensive) travel clothes fashioned from the wool of New Zealand merino sheep, Icebreaker thinks there is; the Sphere Tank features blended merino wool with a man-made fabric called TENCEL, to create Cool-Lite.

Quality construction

Available in five colours, this top weighs a mere 90g or so,and is perfect for stashing in a backpack for super-light travel. The seams and trim and good quality, though there is always a doubt over merino’s longevity; snags and holes can appear within six month in our experience, though hopefully the presence ofTENCEL will extend the lifespan.

Smell world

OK, we get that it’s breathable, and we like the speed at which it dries (about an hour, tops!), but there’s something else about merino that’s not talked-up enough; odour resistance. Seriously, you can wear it for a few days in full-sweat mode without it whiffing.

Practical max

If you’re on a frenetic journey where speed and travelling light are everything, wash ‘n’ wear is the only way – the the Sphere Tanks is perfect for those kind of travel tactics. Comfy and airy to wear, drying in under an hour after a rinse, but odour-resistant for days, Icebreaker has again created an article of travel-wear that’s as practical as possible.

Price as reviewed: £50

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