Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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This World Adaptor is sleek, small and includes a couple of smart USB ports

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I actively hate worldwide adaptors, and having to travel with one. If my trip visits only one country, or area where they use the same power outlet, I prefer to take a single adaptor for my laptop, and use it to charge my phone, too. Why? Because ‘world adaptors’ are big, bulky and often overkill. Cue the TWIST.


It weighs just 163g and measures 9x6xm, so it’s far easier to travel with than large, square devices. Getting each power outlet to click into place is easy, with a twist-and-pop-out design making it a cinch. That’s handy if you’re in, say, Hong Kong – where they use UK power outlets – and then visit Shenzhen in mainland China close by, where the Euro-style two-pin is in use.

Dual USBs

However, the most useful thing about the TWIST is its dual USB slots. Able to sustain 3.4-amps each, they can quick-charge a phone or tablet (or, increasingly, a camera), it means you can leave absolutely everything else at home – and it’s perfect for travelling in a couple, too. And that, surely, is the only justification for travelling with a worldwide travel adaptor. The One Adaptr TWIST is my new favourite travel companion.

Price as reviewed: £26.99

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