Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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REVIEWED: Logiix Gelly LGX-11932

Bright yet low on power, this tiny and flexible USB LED light is a beacon for bookworms & photographers travelling ultra-light

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So your Kindle, Kobo or Bookeen ebook reader doesn’t have a built-in light? Or you’re reading a paperback? Cue the Logiix Gelly, a tiny pencil-sized LED light that weight just 17g and can be bent into shape to direct light where it’s needed.


The Logiix Gelly is great when you’re off-grid, either camping or in a hotel where there’s no light by the bed, or at a desk. That makes it ideal for reading, fixing a bike or attending to a camera when in low-light. We used in on a recent trip to Oman’s deserts for reading after dark, and for cleaning a camera lens.

Runs off any USB

Although it works well when attached to a laptop’s USB slot, the Logiix Gelly is more versatile than that. If you’ve started travelling with a portable battery to recharge your phone or tablet (such as this, this or this), we’ve got good news; the Logiix Gelly runs on all of these and uses almost no power. Ditto a travel adaptor with a USB.

Close work

If you just need ambient light, go for something like the MPOWERD Luci Outdoor Inflatable Solar Light, which packs flat and doesn’t even need power. But for close work and reading, the Logiix Gelly is hard to beat of you’re the kind who likes to travel ultra-light. Now if only there was a red-light version for stargazing …

Price as reviewed: US$7.99

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