REVIEW: Fuse Chicken Armour Charge

This tough-for-travel Apple Lightning cable is great for business travel

When you travel with tech, always keep the cables short. That does seem like the most logical way of travelling light – and without getting in a tangle – but get to a hotel room where the plug is far from the bed and  how do you charge your phone at night? Cue the Armour Charge, an Apple Lightning-USB cable that’s designed to withstand some harsh treatment and offers a valuable stretch, too.

Unbreakable feel

Intricately woven 100% stainless steel strands give Armour Charge an unbreakable feel, though the one-metre review sample we tested (a two-metre is also available) proved fairly flexible, too. It didn’t work-out great in a rental car abroad while using the phone as a GPS – it was too long and not flexible enough – but for a hotel room, it’s awesome.

Coils-up neatly

Apple Lightning cables don’t always work, and while we only tested the Armour Charge for a short time, it didn’t ‘fall over’ once, refuelling our iPhone SE with no trouble. It coils-up nicely in a bag for travel, too. Too long for a short leisure trip it may be, but for anyone on business and confined to a hotel room, the Armour Charge is an ideal travel partner.

Price as reviewed: US$34.95

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