Thursday, July 18, 2024
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REVIEWED: Marmot Simpson Convertible Hiking Cap

Straightforward & lightweight cap with added neck UPF 45 protection for hiking, running and outdoor travel

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Get out into the blistering midday heat and you’re going to need Sun protection.But who actually bothers putting creams and gels on? We usually don’t, which is why this convertible cap proved useful on a recent trip to the Middle East.

Lightweight design

It weighs just 65g and is made from lightweight polyester with mesh areas over the temples, so it never gets particularly hot while being worn, which is unusual for a cap (and the reason why I rarely wear them).

Neck protection

However, the reason for buying the Marmot Simpson Convertible Hiking Cap is, of course, its attachable neck protection sheet. Attached – or de-attached – using four small Velco patches, it does a decent job at protecting from the Sun (it’s rated at UPF 45), while it’s also easy to scrunch-up and stuff in the back-of-the-head adjuster when you enter shade.

No sweat

The sweatband also proved useful amid a travel-tough design that makes the Marmot Simpson Convertible Hiking Cap worth considering if you want an occasional cap that’s easy to pack … and keep your skin from turning lobster-red.

Price as reviewed: £26

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