Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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REVIEWED: Choetech Portable Power Bank B611Q

It’s got Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, but for Apple users this fast-charging battery is all about one thing – Apple Lighting in and out

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“Have you got a charge?” is fast replacing “have you got the time?” in airports, hotels and other travel hubs, but for Apple users there’s just one problem with travelling with a portable battery; the need to also pack a microUSB cable.

Just one cable

Developed for recharging and syncing Android devices, the need need to add a cable to luggage already crowded with electronics is unwelcome. Cue the Choetech, whose latest portable battery is not only absolutely massive in charge-size, but can be refuelled using the same Apple Lightning cable you already travel with. Recharging takes about seven hours, so is best done overnight.

Colossus capacity

Rated at a colossal 15,600mAh, the Choetech makes a case for long-term, off-grid travel because it can refuel an iPhone 5S about six times – and quicker than most, too. It also recharges iPads and other tablets.

Universal appeal

It might all sound like an Apple-centric design, but it’s actually anything but. Its universal features (it can output power and be recharged using microUSB, too) means it’s just as handy for Android users, if not more so thanks to its Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 talents that can refuel an Android phone in double-quick time.

Heavyweight option

Measuring 147x78x16mm and weighing 355g, the Choetech isnt small, but its great value price, huge capacity, versatility between iOS and Android devices (and its quick-charge skills for the latter) make it hugely appealing for all kinds of travellers.

Price as reviewed: £30

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