REVIEWED: LOGiiX World Traveler Universal Plug Adapter

Lightweight and easy to pack, this diminutive worldwide adaptor makes a useful travel companion, but it does lack USB

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Going abroad with gadgets? Obviously. So check this website to see exactly which plug you’ll need. However, read the small-print for some countries and you’ll see a nasty surprise where a variety of plugs can be found depending on whether you visit the cities or the rural areas.

Small world

It makes sense to travel with an adaptor, but most are bulky and heavy. If you’re going walkabout with just one carry-on bag – whether to travel with more freedom, or because you think that carting unworn clothes around the globe is an environmentally irresponsible – consider the LOGiiX World Traveler Universal Plug Adapter.

Two charges at once

What the LOGiiX World Traveler Universal Plug Adapter doesn’t do is provide voltage conversion, but it does have built-in fuse protection, and can even help you connect two devices at once.

No USB slot

Wherever you’re going – and especially on a long trip to multiple destinations – it makes sense to travel with an adaptor. The LOGiiX World Traveler Universal Plug Adapter doesn’t provide a USB slot for recharging phones and tablets, but as a lightweight all-rounder for travel, it’s hard to beat.

Price as reviewed: US$22.28

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