Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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REVIEWED: Hunter Balmoral II MFT9015RPO

There are wellies, and then there are Hunters; these wellington boots were made for walking

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It’s February in Wales, and the mud is rising. This is no time for walking boots – they’ll overflow – yet who wants to go walking in wellies? Thanks to the same Vibram sole used by the makers of hiking boots, these Hunters can go walkabout.

Natural look

Do you look good in your wellies? Personally we couldn’t give a stuff what we look like when out and about, but there’s no denying that the Hunter Balmoral II wellies look the part, their natural rubber adding flexibility and a sleek but tough look. The Queen probably wears them … hence the name?

Flexible design

Apart from that sole, which absorbs impact, the Balmoral II wellies have a few other tricks up their rather long sleeves. The first is a webbing pull tab and kick spur for ease of taking on and off, and rather surprisingly the provision of insoles to increase the comfort. There’s also an adjustable calf strap on the outside for a secure fit, but the Balmoral II wellies are flexible enough not to get too tight around the calfs.

Price as reviewed: £130

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