Sunday, June 23, 2024
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REVIEWED: Superfeet merinoGREY

Do your shoes fit like a glove? They will after inserting a pair of these travel-friendly insoles

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Superfeet changed my life. Born with wide feet, and one slightly longer than the other, I spent most of my adult life struggling with shoes. Hiking boots were particularly difficult to wear, but an accidental discovery of Superfeet changed all of that. And now they come in Merino …


For me, Superfeet fill in the gaps. By adapting the flat midsole of your footwear to your foot, they bring shape where they was none. As well as closing the gaps, they seem to cradle your feet as you walk. However, that’s mostly to do with the heel cup on merinoGREY, which basically locks your foot where it is.


I’ve climbed mountains in Superfeet many times. The shock absorption is excellent, and after a long, rocky walk, I no longer yearn to take off my boots and socks at the end. There’s no slippages or discomfort during a hike, and the full-length foam on these 90% merino-covered versions provide a bit of bounce.


As well as added comfort compared to the standard green version of Superfeet, I found that merinoGREY kept my feet cooler. Able to wick away sweat, my feet were definitely drier, too. However, it’s the regular Superfeet shape of merinoGREY that mean these will travel from shoes to boots for many years …

Price as reviewed: from £36

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