Wednesday, June 12, 2024

REVIEWED: Rhodia Rhodiarama n°12 notepad cover

A leather finish, pen holder and card slot make this more than simple protection for a travel journal

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For some, their travel journal of choice is a leather-bound notebook costing £15 or more. For others, a simple 99p notebook will suffice. If you’re in the latter category, the Rhodia Rhodiarama n°12 notepad cover adds protection, but also a pen holder and an area for storing credit cards, train tickets – you name it.

What it fits

The Rhodia Rhodiarama n°12 notepad cover is refillable. It takes a Rhodia notebook – obviously – but you can get any 12x8cm (or thereabouts) to fit inside. That’s useful when you’re out on the road where stationary brand loyalty may not be top of your priority list. Any pen will fit in the leash, though you might have to put it in upside down to keep it from jutting-out at one end.

Great build

Nicely stitched with orange thread on green leather on the outside and orange on the interior, it’s made from smooth leather, though it’s lightweight. Measuring 94,130mm, it’s perfect for your back pocket – and great for any scribbler on a long trip.

COMPETITION: Win Rhodia travel gear!

Price as reviewed: £8.50

Rhodia Rhodiarama n°12 notepad cover