Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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FEATURE: A trio of new travel cameras

Ditch the DSLR, add megapixels to your phone and go wearable with these new cameras for 2016

Canon PowerShot G5 XCanon PowerShot G5 X: a high-end compact with a viewfinder

If your kind of traveller who doesn’t like to be without my DSLR camera, but finds himself leaving it in the hotel because of the bulk, Canon’s new compact could be just the it has a 25 mm wide-angle, ultra bright F1.8 – F .8, 4.2x zoom lens and nine-blade aperture. However, of most attraction to travel to is its high resolution overnight electronic viewfinder as well as a flip out touchscreen that will make it much easier when using the camera either above your head or close to the ground.

Narrative-Clip-2-RedNarrative Clip 2: wearable camera gets a boost

How about a camera that takes a picture every 30 seconds and sends them to your phone for a flickable collage of your day? Now with WiFi, Bluetooth and an eight megapixel camera, this ‘life-logging’ device is getting more appealing. It’s also promised to have a better low-light performance and an interchangeable mounting options (the first-gem version was all too easy to lose).


DxO One: take more megapixels on the road

Although almost all travellers now rely on their smartphone for photography, there’s the school of thought that thinks we are currently living through an era that will be remembered through low resolution photos and videos. The DxO One seeks to put that right by clipping onto the Lightning connector on Apple devices for an instant upgrade to 20.2 megapixel photos.