Sunday, June 23, 2024
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REVIEWED: EDZ Merino Wool Touch gloves

Keep that smartphone in your hand even in freezing conditions with these touchy-feely gloves

Finger-Touch-gloves---finger-on-phoneMerino wool is often thought of as performing best in the heat. The way it remains relatively cool in extreme heat, never smells, and then dries in hours after being washed, makes it ideal for travel. But gloves?

Wash ‘n’ wear

Aside from being the perfect fabric for the wash ‘n’ wear light traveller, merino also makes the finest base-layer in winter. Consequently, merino makes the ultimate under-glove – and that’s why we love the EDZ’s effort. However, it;s the 10% silver-constructed yarn that makes these special.

Miracle fabric

If you’re skiing, hiking, stargazing or photographing in winter, you’ve got huge gloves on. Whip them off to send a text, take a picture, or adjust your telescope or DSLR camera and things turn nasty. However, the tips of the index fingers and thumbs of the EDZ Merino Wool Touch gloves are threaded with miracle fabric that allows a touchscreen to be used. Magic! A touch of elastane helps ease stretch, too.

Easy to grip

Not only can you use a phone without taking your gloves off, but they’ve got a covering of Rubberised dots that make it easy to grip shiny metallic devices, too.

Big business

These days, what started out as a cottage industry in New Zealand – home of the merino sheep – has morphed into a big business based in China. Has there been a drop in quality? Absolutely – it’s really noticeable on some of the major merino brands – but these gloves remain simultaneously soft and tough enough to be worn as standalone gloves.

Great value

Well constructed and great value, with impressive attention to detail, the EDZ Merino Wool Touch gloves make the ideal occasional glove or under-glove/base-layer for hands that need to use a smartphone, whatever the weather. Come in three sizes.

Price: £14.99

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