Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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REVIEWED: Native Union Leather Edition Set for iPhone 6 & 6S

Protective CLIC case that keeps your smartphone slim, though the 1.2m Apple Lightning cable is overkill

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Marching around the globe with an expensive slab of machined aluminium – your smartphone –  is not a wise idea. At least, not if it’s unprotected. However, load-up your ultimate travel gadget with a drop-proof, waterproof case and it becomes bulky.  The Native Union Leather Edition Set for iPhone 6 & 6S tries to bridge the gap.

In the box

Inside the box is also a black and white, 1.2m iPhone cable, which presumably significantly ups the price.  This is a bit of a shame; the cable itself – an Apple Lightning affair, of course –  is very nicely stitched (though in nylon) and nice-looking, but what’s wrong with the cable the iPhone shipped with? This one’s a tad more hard-wearing, but there’s another reason to stick with Apple’s own cable;  third-party manufacturer tables rarely work every time.  We have no issues during our review, though setting out on a long journey with a ‘fake’ Apple cable just isn’t good prep.

Vegetarians beware!

The case itself, which is made from calfskin leather from France, is excellent. It’s available in marine blue, bordeaux (maroon) and gold tan (kinda orange). Snug to fit and offering just enough protection, it’s actually a luxury version of Native Union’s signature CLIC Case. The mottled back gives it a tiny bit of friction to stop it sliding around when you take it out of a pocket, while the large naked areas around all of the iPhone’s controls gives this an unusual hands-off feel. Travel is all about freedom, and the Leather Edition Set has that in spades, but it does seem overpriced.

Price as reviewed: £69.99

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