Sunday, June 23, 2024
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REVIEWED: Classic Fisher Space Bullet Pen

Write anywhere, anytime and in any gravity with the planet’s most versatile travel pen

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Stationary geeks – and there are plenty of them – all know that altitude and ink don’t mix. Favourite pens myst be left at home when travelling for fear of explosion and leakage. That doesn’t mean we must all travel with a bad pen, but a ‘space’ pen?


Developed in the 20th century for zero-gravity writing in space, the concept behind the Fisher Space Pen is simple; it can write in any orientation in any location. While its zero gravity effectiveness is over-hyping it, an ability to write on any almost surface, while being pointed upwards, and even underwater make this a special pen indeed.

Well designed

Despite it high claims, the Fisher Space Pen is reasonably well designed, too, measuring a mere 3.5 inches but extendable using the cap. Its small size and smooth, rounded, tapered ends don’t make it particularly easy to write with, and the nib isn’t as fine as it could be, but it’s so easy to travel with. However, its diminutive size also makes it somewhat easy to lose. This is a pen that should mostly stay in a security (zipped) pocket, or daysack pocket.


The Fisher Space Pen is perfect for the top pocket of a shirt while travelling, its smooth-flowing black ink coming in handy for filling-in customs forms and the like in airports and ferry terminals. It’s also a great pen for photographers who want to make notes on shots and settings (perhaps used in conjunction with the SnugPack Waterproof Notebook). Comes in a presentation box.

Price as reviewed: £19.99

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