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REVIEWED: Pen Heaven Ravello Small Recycled Leather Journal

Sturdy and stylish, this 128-leaf notebook is a real page-turner on long trips

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“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” So said Oscar Wilde, and he was right. Except the train on which you read your own hand-written notes from a journey could be years later, when those tiny details of another place in time truly become sensational. But what kind of journal do you need?

Quality time

Any old exercise book, reporter’s notebook or slab of rough paper will do, of course. Except, it won’t. If you’re going to be spending quality time with your travel journal, it needs to be up to the task. Pen Heaven’s Ravello has a sturdy cover, an elastic fastener and 128 pages of acid-free plain paper. It’s sold in Red, Mint, Orange, Chocolate, Black, Lime or Pink.

Pocket book

Measuring 9.5×13.5cm (between A6 & A7), it fits in a back pocket – ideal if you’re about to board a train, bus or plane and need easy access – crucially without getting damaged. That elastic band is handy for securing

Carve your name

Made from Italian leather, it seemed a crime not to get the Ravello embossed, which Pen Heaven will do for a few extra quid (the total cost is £18.50 for your initials, £21 for one line and £23.50 for two lines). TravGear’s review sample was prepared especially for a trip to Kyushu, Japan, with the embossing giving a welcome personal touch.

Sensational results

But the best thing? Instead of leaving it in a bag, staring at it on the plan or simply leaving it blank until the trip was over, the Ravello returned from Japan almost full. Next time a train trip is called for, we’ll have something sensational to read.

Price as reviewed: £13.50-£23.50

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