Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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REVIEWED: Rohan Jeans Plus tapered leg

A hidden passport pocket helps these cotton-mix jeans re-claim their title of ‘best travel trouser’, but where’s the zipped cash pocket gone?

03932188_ZoomJeans are the worst kind of travel gear. Some disagree, but they’re hot, heavy and so slow to dry, denim can be a nightmare on the road. So why not make them out of a much lighter cotton, then add a touch of polyester for added stretch?

A bit of a stretch

OK, so adding a bit of stretch to a pair of trousers does scream ‘old man’, and Rohan’s prices means that most of its customers are just that. But the Rohan Jeans Plus are nevertheless a staple of smart-ish travel. TravGear has been wearing a pair for yonks, but until recently the only available sty’e was rather baggy. This new product has a tapered leg and a revamped design that’s much, much smarter. UPF40+ protection comes as standard.

Secret passport pocket

Made from a blend of natural cotton and technical Coolmax polyester, these jeans do dry pretty quick, though not as fast as your average pair of zip-off trousers-cum-shorts beloved by backpackers. Pockets are nothing special save for a zipped pocket on the reverse that’s ideal for carrying a passport. There’s an even better design here than on the old styles, with the zip actually hidden under a flap. Nice one. However, the old style had a zipped pocket inside the right-hand hip pocket that was ideal for storing coins and hotel room keys. Sadly, it’s bitten the dust.

Cold season classic

Versatile enough to get you through everything from a casual business meeting, cruising through airports, city walks, even hiking and cycling, the Rohan Jeans Plus are the ultimate travel trouser – at least for the autumns, winter and spring. However, we’re just sorry the zipped cash pocket has disappeared from the design.

Price as reviewed: £75

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