Tuesday, June 11, 2024
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REVIEWED: Photojojo iPhone Telephoto Lens

A screw-on 12x optical zoom lens for a phone? Cheap, easy to travel with and offering an impressive close-up, the small (included) tripod is all you need for awesome travel photography.

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Digiscoping on a smartphone? ‘Proper’ photography can be expensive and time-consuming, and those of us who don’t want to carry photography equipment are gone en masse to the smartphone. As a travel camera, a phone is almost flawless. The lack of zoom, of course, is why compact and DSLR cameras still exist.

12x optical zoom

That all changes with the Photojojo iPhone Telephoto Lens, which lets you attach a 12x optical zoom lens to the back of an iPhone (in our case, an iPhone 5S) at a moment’s notice. All smartphones have narrow-angle lenses and no zoom, and although it’s possible to zoom-in digitally, this degrades the quality of the image, whereas an optical zoom lens adds extra magnification.


Great for close-ups, the top pocket-sized and lightweight Photojojo iPhone Telephoto Lens, which offers 12x zoom (and a manual focus ring) and really lends impact to pictures of distant objects – and especially to the Moon. It comes with a tiny tripod and a set of phone cases, so the only real problem is that you have to ditch your usual phone case. In our tests it proved a joy to travel with.

Price as reviewed: US$35

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