Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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REVIEWED: Tech 21 Evo Mesh

Lightweight and stylish, this functional phone case offers travel-grade protection without the bulk

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Phone cases are no good. No-one wants to put their brand new slice of modernism inside a load of rubber. But we must. Drop a  smartphone on its edge and it’s game over. The trick is to find a case that’s both ‘barely there’ while still offering some drop-proof tech. Hello, Tech 21 Evo Mesh!


Reasonably priced and adding little to the overall profile of the iPhone 6 we were using, the Evo Mesh adds ‘intelligent impact protection’ by injecting FlexShock material into bumpers along the edge. Thats not new – we’ve seen it a few times before on Tech 21 cases – but this is the slimmest effort yet.

Lightweight design

The design itself is mottled and dotted, with tiny cutouts all across the back that help reduce the weight of the case while also making it easier to grip. Clever stuff. There are nice cutouts for the camera and ins and outs, too.

Raised profile

Crucially, the bumper around the phone is raised slightly, instantly protecting the glass screen against accidental ‘face down’ scratches. That’s easily done in pubs and bars. Eschewing the over-engineering of most protective phone cases, this is Tech 21’s lightest and best phone case yet. Offering some great protection to both the screen and edges while offering easy access to a phone’s functions, the Evo Mesh proves a great addition to the everyday, let alone a big trip.

Price as reviewed: £29.99

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