Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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REVIEWED: Bosign 2-in-1 tablet & travel pillow

Travel pillows are for girls, as proved by this small, though perfectly formed example that doubles as a tablet holder

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The 2-in-1 travel gadget is what TravGear is all about, but we’ve never travelled with a proper travel pillow. Or an iPad rest. Which kinda makes this dual pillow-cum-tablet rest a bit of a red herring. However, having lusted after those soft-looking – but far too bulky – travel pillows in Departures and struggled to watch a movie on an iPad comfortably on our last flight, a Bosign 2-in-1 tablet & travel pillow was wrapped around our roll-on luggage.


Incidentally, that’s a great idea in itself; a travel pillow that doesn’t need to be hand-held while marching through airports and security. This fairly square-sided U-shaped 25x28x9cm pillow has a strap on each side that poppers together, keeping it firmly attached to the handle of roll-on luggage. However, it only does that if you attach the middle popper on the two straps, which achieves a tighter fit around the column.


Those poppers can clip together around the neck, too, and when used as a straight pillow the Bosign’s micro-beads filling makes it really comfy. TravGear used to travel with a blow-up version, which is not nearly as soft or as giving (which is why it was ditched) but was, at least, incredibly easy to travel with. But while the Bosign is a good pillow, it’s rather too small for a grown man’s long neck. This one’s for ladies. For me, it offers little support, though that’s no different to any travel pillow. Are we sad about that? Not really; long-haul airline seats usually have pull-up curved sides anyway.

Two angles

Used as a table table, the Bosiogn has two angles; upright for watching movies (when it should be placed on the seat-back table when flying) and lap mode. Both positions rely on a resting the tablet’s lower side (the latest iPad Air fits fine) in a small lip across the widest part of the pillow, which doubles as a zip cover. It’s simple stuff, and it works well though, once again, it’s a tad too small for a large male’s lap.

Inflight only

Travel pillows are for girls, and the Bosign 2-in-1 tablet & travel pillow proves it. Though soft, strong and easy to travel with, we’re not convinced this is a travel essential for one simple reason; it has no purpose once you’ve reached your destination. Anyone who mourned the lack of a tablet table when on their last trip is welcome to disagree, but most travellers will find this clever 2-in-1 overkill.

Price as reviewed: €32.75

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