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How your phone will get even smarter

IFA GPC 2015, Malta: The ultimate mobile gadget is destined for much greater things

mam_231923_376356It’s got a 5.5-inch screen and a whopping pixel density of 401 pixels-per-inch, but in five short years the majority of smartphones will not only match the iPhone 6 Plus, but surpass it by filming in Ultra HD 4k quality.

‘A new normal’

“We hit two billion smartphone displays this year, and by 2021 we’ll be at 2.5 billion – and by then more than half of the smartphones sold will have at least 400 pixels-per-inch, which is the same as an iPhone 6 Plus now,” said Paul Gray, Principal Analyst/Researcher at analysts IHS, speaking at the IFA GPC 2015 ahead of the travel tech-tastic IFA exhibition in Berlin in September. “400 PPI will be the new normal smartphone standard.”

4k phones incoming

Gray also added that high-end smartphones will this year reach a staggering 700 pixels-per-inch and continue to grow in size. Hand-sized phones with huge 6.2-inch screens will debut later in 2015 featuring massive Ultra HD 4k resolutions – about four times more than the Full HD phones now just becoming available. These phones will also film video in 4k, which equates to 3,840×2,160 pixels. Gray thinks that 200 million UHD phones will sell in 2021. Phone-maker ZTE also suggested at the IFA GPC 2015 that future smartphones could be transparent.

IFA 2015 will take place from 4-9 September 2015