Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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REVIEWED: iFrogz Golite 2.0 portable charger & flashlight

This soft-touch battery-cum-torch is handy for short trips, but lacks capacity and brightness

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Dual purpose gadgets are what travellers are after. iFrogz has here combined a handy portable charger for smartphones and tablets with a simple LED torch. Shaped like a small torch, it’s aimed at travellers with tech in their pockets, but is this mere novelty?

Great design

The soft-touch plastic design is excellent, as is the positioning of ins and outs. On one side of the lamp section is a microUSB slot for charging the Golite 2.0 (a pleasingly short cable is included in the box alongside a wrist-strap), while on the other is a USB slot rated at 2.1-amps. That means it can recharge a tablet, too.

Lacks power

At 3,000mAh, the battery inside the Golite 2.0 is small. The packaging claims ‘up to’ two charges for your smartphone; it’s THAT phrase again. In gadget-speak, ‘up to’ means ‘much less than’, and in our test an iPhone 5S running at 10% battery was re-filled to 100%, but with little left in the tank. The torch, while handy, isn’t exactly going to get you down a mountain in the dark – it’s for poking around a dark room, at best.

Short trips only

Well designed and aesthetically pleasing it might be, but a underpowered LED torch paired with a small battery makes the Golite 2.0 a candidate only for short trips and handbags. Nice idea, but a seasoned traveller-grade dual purpose gadget this is not.

Price as reviewed: £28.19

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