REVIEWED: Lowe Alpine Storm Mitt

Box finger design and soft fleece inner make these gloves ideal for Winter hikes

30213-2509131441481592015426If you’ve ever found yourself at the top of a mountain with a thin pair of gloves, you’ll know how important it is to think about your fingers before you walk in Winter. Some favour using two pairs of gloves, some say finger gloves are the best, and others say mittens are by far the warmest. A clever design means the Lowe Alpine Storm Mitt does it all.

A glove for mountain guides

Despite being only £30, these mittens-come-finger gloves are beloved of mountain guides, and it’s easy to see why. Featuring a  nylon outer shell with a waterproof and breathable Triplepoint insert, the Storm Mitt has thin downy insulation on the glove back.

Double warmth

Put a cold hand in the Storm Mitt and it feels like it’s giving life. Not only has it a warm and fleecy lining, but there’s an slightly unexpected box finger construction, so there’s no need for an ‘under glove’. Meanwhile, the palm has a useful ‘granite grip’ and the gloves each have mini-link buckles and straps to tighten. Great design, and great value.

Price as reviewed: £30

Buy the Lowe Alpine Storm Mitt

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